Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Is getting personalised clothing for staff worth the effort and cost ?

Is getting personalised clothing for staff worth the effort and cost ?

Why waste time and money getting your staff personalised clothing when they can just as easily wear their own clothes ?
Good question !
Maybe worth considering the following.

Time and money
Give T King Associates from Buckingham , near Milton Keynes , Bucks a call  - 01280 824836 - they will be happy to go through your staff needs advising on the most cost effective work wear and uniforms available.
Email a copy of your desired logo to  info@tkingassociates.com and T King Associates will very quickly be able to give you a quotation specifically designed around you selected garments and embroidery or printing for your personalised logo.
You may require samples to check the quality ? No problem the friendly experienced staff at T King Associates will be happy to organise your requirements and they can be with you within a couple mof days.
Its all that easy.
The important point is that by dealing with an experienced (T King Associates are celebrating 25 years trading) embroiderer / printer you can avoid all the pitfalls from using more inexperienced companies.
Additionally T King Associates are an independent family owned company who run their own embroidery and print machinery which makes them a great choice for getting real experienced advice as well as high quality print and embroidery.
So for very little time you can use T King Associates experience and professional guidance to select the most cost effective personalised uniforms saving you time and money.

Better than staff wearing all their own clothes ?
If your staff ,particularly customer facing staff , are all wearing different styles and colours of clothing does that really project the best company image ?
Would your customers feel more confident being able to know who was staff and who wasn't and in larger firms it helps staff recognise who should be in the building and who should not.
There are big motivational benefits to be had by showing your staff they are a member of a team working for a company who cares for their wellbeing.
Motivational for staff , impressive for customers just a couple of good reasons to consider personalised uniforms from T King Associates.
Its also worth checking out the tax benefits for staff with your accountant too.

Approximate costs to kit out your staff with a decent  uniform that has an embroidered logo ?
Polo £12 ,Sweatshirt £14  , Fleece Jacket £25 and Work Trousers £25.  + vat

So for under £100 a person  (£2 per week ) you can get your staff motivated , customers impressed and start reaping the benefits in mores sales .
Pretty much an open and shut case !
Get in touch with T King Associates now on 01280 824836  , info@tkingassociates.com or check out the website http://www.tkingassociates.com/  to see what great products are available.


Thursday, 19 February 2015

Equestrian demand grows for Polos and Rugby Shirts

Equestrian demand grows for Polos and Rugby Shirts

The equestrian sector has a growing demand for personalised clothing  ,embroidered  or printed , and riding schools ,pony clubs ,equestrian suppliers , stables ,liveries all over the country are looking at smarter clothing with personalisation.
T King Associates from Buckingham ,near Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire , have been embroidering and printing all types of leisure and work wear for twenty five years and have made major investments in staff , machinery and premises and have access to excellent ranges of equestrian related clothing suitable for embroidered or printed personalisation.

The most recent British Equestrian Trade Survey reports that 3.5 million people in the UK have ridden in the last twelve months and what was perhaps seen as more of an elite activity area is now much more open to all.
It is estimated that there are nearly one million horses in the UK and the spend on clothing and footwear is estimated to be over £400 million.
The top ten show jumping shows attract  over 1.2 million people so the equestrian market is big business especially with the growing demand for embroidered and printed personalisation which is the speciality of T King Associates.
Front Row & Cos polo's ,rugby shirts ,sweatshirts are designed for clubs  /teams to embellish with their crest ,logo or slogan.
Front Row products are available from T King Associates and Front Row uses quality fabrics and clever detailing that allows users to create their own unique look.
There are now extra small sizes and dedicated kids styling to bring Front Rows equestrian range to a younger audience meaning  pony clubs, riding schools and events teams can now kit out their younger members to match the rest.
Ranges of Front Row products to consider for the equestrian market are FR212/FR21,/FR218  diagonal stripe polo . Fr214/fr215 quartered house polo,Fr104/fr105 premium superfit rugby shirt,FR100.FR101/FR109 long sleeve plain rugby shirt, FR110/FR111 long sleeve striped rugby shirt , FR210 / FR211 striped pique polo ,FR 103 ladies striped sleeve rugby shirt ,FR800 / FR 801 zip through hoodies , FR 902 padded body warmer , FR903 /FR 904 diamond quilt gilets.
The above are only one range of quality garments all suitable for embroidering or printing logos and T King Associates have experience of supplying embroidered and printed  garments to towns all around Buckingham such as Milton Keynes ,Banbury ,Bicester , Brackley , Aylesbury ,Winslow ,Oxford ,Bedford ,Northampton ,Watford and many other locations in Buckinghamshire ,Northamptonshire ,Oxfordshire ,Bedfordshire ,Hertfordshire and Middlesex.

Call the experts T King Associates Ltd on 01280 824836 or check out the website http://www.tkingassociates.com/